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  • thank you for your help,I am grateful for it.As it turns my lack of experience with triggers made me once again seem like an idiot compared to other mappers.I really have a hard time makeing triggers,no matter if it's GUI(I meant clasic trigers,I also tend to forget the diference betwen GUI and MUI),I am an ideea man,not a trigger man,I usualy make units and plan techtrees,I just got toghether a team and they are just as inexperienced as I am+with out upcoming GES's we barely work on our map.
    Hy,remember me,you were helping me make a Stance Change spell.When you helped me you didn't have the editor when you made a sample triger on the forums for me.Well I am having a hard time trying to recreate the trigers you wrote and I was wondering if you could make a sample map for me.I would be very gratefull if you could help me considering that I have 2 important exams coming up and I will have less time to do something fun these days.
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