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    Hero Randomization Can Pick 2 or more of the same Heroes

    Oops, I've figured it out already. D: Nevermind ... EDIT: Accidentally double-posted. Accname, I tried that initially and it worked, but I decided that there had to be a better way to do it. I've figured it out, but thanks anyway! :)
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    Hero Randomization Can Pick 2 or more of the same Heroes

    I've used the tutorial below: This system works and players can get random Heroes. However, I don't want two or more of the same type of Heroes in my map. I believe that this is a common problem and I have searched
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    Making an item that makes the hero invulnerable to certain attack types

    If I'm not wrong, the Elune's Grace ability decreases the amount of damage caused by Piercing damage ... I think you can change the attack type. Then just set the amount reduced to 100% and set the boolean for the ability as item ability to true.
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    Scroll of TP - not invulnerable?

    The only thing I can find under Gameplay Constants relating to Scroll of TP or Mass Teleport is a boolean for clustering. o.O Or maybe I've missed it? :( Edit: Oh, never mind. I've solved it by creating an ability based off Mass Teleport and changing it to an item ability. :) Thanks for the...
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    Scroll of TP - not invulnerable?

    Yes, I found the ability, but there are no fields for the invulnerable/vulnerable bit. >.<
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    Scroll of TP - not invulnerable?

    I wanted to put in a scroll of town portal-type item in my map, but I noticed that it makes the user invulnerable. Is it possible to make the unit still vulnerable while using the item? Thanks in advance. :D
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    General Twilight star Pattinson hit by taxi.

    I never knew he didn't like her work. :eek:
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    Health The Spermine Facial

    I wonder how that woman I saw the other day looks so pretty ...
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    Crime Ex-lover raped girlfriend

    He must have been bored.
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    Health Venezuela Bans Coke Zero Over Health Fears

    I prefer a nice glass of O.J. ...
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    Health Weekly Curry 'May Fight Dementia'

    Curry's nice -- but some are way too spicy. :(
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    Sci/Tech The Car Powered By Air

    Would be strange riding in one of those. But hey, if it's more effective than what we have now ...
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    General Woman checks old lottery ticket, wins $10 million

    Lucky woman. I'm glad she's going to use the money for something good.
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    World Obama in Egypt reaches out to Muslim world [+Video]

    The find out more here link doesnt work for me. :(