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    US News Baltimore student passes 3 classes in 4 years, ranks near top half of class with 0.13 GPA

    How does this happen... :oops: ...where is the air support?
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    US News Costco lifts minimum wage above Amazon or Target to $16 per hour

    I think that's a point that needs to be addressed (or is there already a bill? then I missed it). I could imagine that they could put a requirement that tip+wage need to be at least 15$. I know from another country that when they increased the minimum wage, lots of restaurants started taking...
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    Merlin Racing- Snow theme music

    In that game you have to maintain a farm throughout the four seasons. This is the song that plays in winter, when everything is covered with snow, the crops are dead, the trees are bare and the townfolk are in their houses. You find yourself walking alone through the dark forest when the sun is...
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    Merlin Racing- Snow theme music

    That player is pretty good. I prefer the space level & music though. For winter themes, I always think of harvest moon on SNES:
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    Environment 500+ Scientists Demand Stop to Tree Burning as Climate Solution

    The climate is in a large danger, but not from doing proper forest management. The CO2 released from trees is a small percentage of the CO2 we are expelling by other means, and an even smaller fraction of our effect on the climate once you consider CH4 as well. Some sources suggest 1.5 bn...
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    Technology Nvidia confirms Samsung 8nm process for RTX 3090 ($1,499), RTX 3080 ($699), and RTX 3070 ($499)

    Is it all due to proof of work schemes? Or are there other reasons?
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    Technology Nvidia confirms Samsung 8nm process for RTX 3090 ($1,499), RTX 3080 ($699), and RTX 3070 ($499)

    Oh man I don't remember my last computer that had a dedicated graphics card, maybe 8 years ago
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    Player Unique Multiboard

    I just noticed that you set your tempPlayer in JASS. Keep in mind that Player(0) is red. In GUI, Player 1 is red. That is your bug.
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    World Hayao Miyazaki Got So Bored with Retirement He Started Directing Again ‘in Order to Live’

    Haha :) I guess you don't become a true grandmaster in something unless it consumes every fibre of your being, forcing you to give it your all until you don't have anything left to give.
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    Player Unique Multiboard

    It's been a while, but now that you mention it I vaguely remember only one board can be shown at any time.
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    Player Unique Multiboard

    You can not cycle through local players because there is only 1 local player. That is the one in front of the screen of the computer that executes the code. (remember, each human player is running their own copy of Wc3, and each instance has a different local player). Here, each computer...
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    Help Siphon Gold Ability doesn't work anymore

    Change the name of the integer to SiphonGoldAbilityId local integer SiphonGoldAbilityId = 'A00X' set gold[1] = 100 // Level 1 this value is per second set gold[2] = 200 // Level 2 this value is per second set gold[3] = 300 // Level 3 this value is per second call...
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    US News Flags, signs and other items left behind in Capitol riot to be preserved as historical artifacts

    Bill Maher predicting that some of Trump's followers will come armed and knocking on capitol hill... (roughly starting at 4 minute mark)