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    US News Austin becomes the first Texas city to experiment with “guaranteed income”

    If you want to reduce the number of homeless, you have to have psychological facilities for those who need it, and affordable living space + jobs for the others.
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    World Rare ‘Wicked’ bible that encourages adultery discovered in New Zealand

    The wicked bible is real and not news at all :) But most copies were destroyed, so finding one is an extremely rare event
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    World China: China Eastern Airlines flight #MU5735 crashed with 133 people on board

    Just a few weeks ago I flew in a few other china eastern 737... chilling
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    Technology New 'game-changing' technology removes 99% of carbon dioxide from the air

    The problem is where to take the energy from? Getting the carbon out of the air takes more energy than you got from putting it in, otherwise you could just feed a loop and get free energy.
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    Is there currently any way to allow a transport unit to load an allied unit that you don't control?

    Hm, that's a tough one and I'm not sure it works with only GUI. One thing to check is whether you need both the transport and unit selection abilities to target allied units.
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    World Panasonic joins Japan's budding shift toward 4-day workweek

    "just" 8%? Compared to how many in US??
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    Health ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Production Paused After More Than 50 Test Positive for COVID-19

    I mean I haven't seen a serious article claiming full protection, usually something like 60% against catching delta, and a bit higher against serious complications. The vaccine helps you but it doesn't make you immune. What it does is greatly reduce the speed of transmission - 60% reduction...
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    General Man blows up his Tesla rather than paying $22K to repair it

    Unless those guys all blow up their teslas. The other issue is that it's a matter of rate of growth; as long as Tesla is producing more and more cars, there might be more cars that need replacement batteries than there are cars that can donate old batteries.