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  • hell yes.... i can post
    • tags without having to add .s and *s and other random shizzle in there
      • lol
    Hey man i need some help with modifying some GUI trigger,i heard u are good at it, can u help?
    Wow, I had absolutely no idea that you could use sarcasm in a post! Thank you for enlightening such a youthful member of society on the many techniques of advanced forum posting!
    "Other than the point made in the VM to you, I'd like to ask: How come you seem to be criticising yourself in the post immediately afterward"

    Sarcasm my dear. If you understood that you would realize I had just joined recently and that a positive guiding light would benefit everyone. An intelligent person would have received your remark as an insult. I'm not blind ,my love. I'm simply adjusting.

    "Apparently you joined 6 days ago. Are you sure that counts as "ages"?"

    Once again, sarcasm.

    Took you guys long enough :)

    Congrats to -OverpoweR- on finding out the origin of this username! If only I could +rep you for this...
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