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  • Hey Kenny, i noticed you used vector in your projectile system so I tried looking through your code and the example given in the vector system map but I can't seem to figure out how you use it to move a unit. Can you please help me out?
    Can you make Projectile's ignore cliff's and height differences and act as a normal 2D projectile that was triggered badly. Basically remove vertical collision from them?

    And is it possible to remove the automatic Z facing from an arcing missile?
    It's sort of moot point because if I was to do it properly, it would be a hashtable wrapper..
    It was when I set attack cooldown to 0.00 and backswings to 0.00, and projectile speed to like 500. I ordered an attack. The missiles would arc, but as soon as I moved the target, they would go back lower. Strange.

    And I mean't like.... rather tahn an arrow for example face the same flat facing on the entire parabola, will it face the direction of the parabola so eventually it will face down or something.
    I think Warcraft when it has an arc, it just goes back to default Z if the target moves a bit. I played around with missiles in Wc3 and that's how they work. Also, if you were to put homing missiles on, you'd have to figure out stuff like if they should be able to be dodged like normal (well, I would, eg Storm Bolt and Blink).

    Hmm.... SetUnitLookAt()? What for? And do missile on parabola straight or face curved? (Dunno how explain?)

    By the way, 2:55 PM and you are on. GAH. HATE SCHOOL. SO HOT.
    >>Making a map is too much work..
    So no mini arena?

    I also hope for Projectile System you handle Zfacing =) So missiles don't look weird when its travelling to something like 900 height.
    call kb.registerOnFinish(trigger)

    The actual was I'd do it now though is like this. Because you end the knockback manually, you don't need the Event... :p
    Mmm I think it'd be the same.
    Problem is array members of a struct require an extra multiplication and stuff, otherwise a struct member + unit index is always faster than a hashtable read (~45% diff between just hashtable read for [handle id, 0] and getunituserdata fyi).

    Hashtables are pretty fast. Lol. I imagine the non-hashtable may be faster here though. Hard to say. ;) (Don't quote me. XD)
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