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  • hello kingbdogz!
    this message is about warcraft 4...

    i want to know that is it fully operational 'cause I can help with other stuffs if you want I want to support this project

    but if its closed then ok

    ill just wait for warcraft 5 hahahaha
    By the way... I have nooo idea how to get my mods on MC to work. I am doing exactly as all the tutorials tell me too and I am sure I do it correctly but the game keeps crashing. Hmm would love to get your addon to work again. I did for a while but fucked up after the patch.
    Then you sir you sir are working on the most awesome wc3 and mc projects!
    Do you also happend to be the guy who created the awesome add-ons for Minecraft!? <3
    Hey, may I recommend you to switch to TinyPic instead of PhotoBucket? It appears many of your images on PhotoBucket expired due to bandwidth limit. I have not experienced such events on my TinyPic account so I believe it might be better for you. Also, TinyPic is owned by PhotoBucket so it shouldn't be too much of a deal. ^^
    metal case? poster ? fucking awesome, suddenly I feel stupid that I didn't consept units for the mod :D:d so, you moving to SCII now ?
    Fuck those moddelers. Exactly the reason why I use wc3 and already made models... wich ofcourse means that my projects do not have memorable models, but tbh I don't give a damn about them anymore. They have been inactive for almost an year....

    Anyway, let's talk turkey you and I. First of all, are you moving on to SCII or putting 100% of yourself in that indie game studio ? And speaking of the studio, if you have any need for a creative team person give me a call, will ya ?
    I herd somewhere that you are starting an indie game studio after this project. Is that true ?
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