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  • I have no ídea where Shady is sadly.

    I went of the grid for a while since my computer died and I lost the files and then the uni started for me so I've had no time to spare really.
    My studies at the uni. takes up alot of time now, but if I can help in some smaller manner, let me know.
    Great. Not working on any map right now. I got some projects though. One is a secret one that I've started on WC3 but I'll remake it in SC2 instead. You will hear about it when it's in beta. The other one is an AI project.
    I couldn't think of any other way of fulfilling your request other than this.

    (See: my sig)
    Hey I can't post any threads because my account isn't activated yet, but no email is in my inbox at my email address! And I need help but I can't post any threads! I posted here because your online right now, please activate my account.
    its for a friend. he wants to do something for the map. (i dont know what)

    This is me quoting him.
    [02:59] ElderKingpin: what do you want to do.
    [02:59] ElderKingpin: with king
    [02:59] Halithor: Well
    [02:59] Halithor: Like I'd say
    [03:00] Halithor: I would code, but that'd take time to learn.
    [03:00] ElderKingpin: You dont have to code
    Do you have an MSN?
    Pissed. Personal life. Anyway, can you write something to me on skype ? my skype is zlatin777
    I am back in the mapping buisness. With an altered melee project (sort of)

    so, what's up ?
    Uhm, I asked you for your skype and 2 weeks later, I have no answer :(

    Btw, perhaps at some point, your team and my team should team up to make a mod for wc3. I... srsly, tell me your skype, I have something very important to talk 2 you about.
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