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  • You may not remember me but I helped test alot of your older maps and we played a bit over WC3. Just wanted to say hi and I hope we can be friends again because I am getting back into WC3 XD
    Just wanted to let you know I've started looking for an unprotected version of WotE since I started talking with KC again last night, but am having little luck finding the disc I burned it on, or on my old hard drive.

    Sorry I haven't been on MSN, haven't been using it too much recently.

    Cya around :)
    hm.... I will do the comick after some more practise ok ? I have some RL work, and when I get a bit more skilled then I am going to do the comic. I have been mostly doing icons/stickmen untill now. For now I am defeated, but I will be back :D
    cool :d Ok, I will give it a shot =] I hope I can make something good.

    EDIT: Uh... I have a what-so-ever different idea in mind. I do not know how good I can make a lurker look (I am still practising) but ok, some lurker sees the help zone. What if:

    A) the dota, noobish users are zombies of some sort
    B) It is ban-bomb (BB(TM))
    C) There is a weapon or something named on AceHart...
    Hey man, I am an artist in the making, and my style of drawing is a bit cartoonish (especially the coloring) so if it is not too much, I'd like to give the comic a shot by trying to make one myself :D I was told that you are in charge of it. So.. can I give it a shot ?
    I think you have a wannabe.
    See, Capt.Death now has your old title, and basically the same location. :p
    Hey Knight, how have you been? :)

    Remember that website you told me once about... with all that music for free... but I don't mean illegally... like where they make music and stuff... remember? :)
    I'm removing my name too. I don't even know why I had it there in the first place. :D
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