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    [Comic] "The Lurker"

    Sadly, because my artist resigned, I don't have anyone to draw the strips. I have scripts up to #26, though. If anyone wants to draw for me (as long as you're better than me, which isn't saying much), please let me know :)
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    [Comic] "The Lurker"

    Probably in Prose.
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    [Comic] "The Lurker"

    Special Strip #2: IDEAs has been added. :)
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    Report Michael Jackson - Dead from Heart Attack?

    His name is spelled wrong in the thread title.
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    How Popular Are You?

    Now it's 2000. :P
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    How Popular Are You?

    I gave you about 2000 of those :P
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    How Popular Are You?

    342. Miz and Romek owe me about 5000 all together though.
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    d is not of a type that allows .syntax

    I don't know any vJass. Try it.
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    d is not of a type that allows .syntax

    Shouldn't it be 'data' instead of 'd'?
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    I will never buy an Apple product again. (liver).

    Hey, the guy wanted to have the best chance to live. It's called natural selection. :cool:
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    Increase unit's health to 150%?

    Try it without the condition in the If/Then/Else statement.
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    Battle report 3\2.5

    This is officially Battle Report #3.
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    Prose: June 22nd

    I doubt it <3 There.
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    The Most Interesting Man in the World

    "He can speak Russian."