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    3 years later..its me again ^^ hows it going with sc2? Map Editor kinda better come back to wc3 :p
    It may not be possible in that version of the map, I cannot really remember how far in development I got into that map. Sorry for the bad answer, but it was a long time ago.
    Aha okay. I've got a question. In Mystica ORPG, there are a few islands, which u cant reach. There's no portal for them. How to reach them? Or isnt it possible..?
    I have not been making maps for a while.

    I may get back into it, especially into SCII mapmaking.
    You dont create maps anymore? Pls answer :)
    Hi Knights..
    You aren't working on Mystica ORPG anymore, right? ..
    Would be great if you release a new version. I found a few bugs, and got many suggestions for your map. The page is also down.
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