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    Creating Heroes and Spells

    You still in?
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    Need partner for my project

    Do you still create maps?
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    Can't Figure Out How to Hide Abilities

    Did you need to re-enable it and disable it again when you level up the ability?
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    Defense The Last Battle

    How do i make a spell MUI? I tried the tutorial but its not working.
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    Defense The Last Battle

    My knock back is not working. Unit Group - Pick every unit in KnockbackUnits and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set KnockbackSpeed = (Load (Key speed) of (Key (Picked unit)) from KnockbackTable) Set KnockbackAngle = (Load (Key angle) of (Key (Picked unit)) from KnockbackTable) Set...
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    On a project, and finding a map partner.

    On a project, and finding a map partner.
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    Defense The Last Battle

    Do you want to create the map with me?
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    Defense The Last Battle

    I have an idea of a spell but i dont know what skill to base on, 75 damage with 10 damage per second and 25% movement speed slow for 5 seconds.
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    Defense The Last Battle

    Its like Hero Defense type, heroes have to defend their tower and a main building. Max of 10 players. 5 of each side of the team.
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    Defense The Last Battle

    There's only 1 lane which is mid lane and forest at top and bottom, and I need ideas for spells and heroes. Anybody willing to help me with it? I will give credits to those who help me.
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    Making unit able to only hold one of one type of item

    What is Set TmpCounter = 0? What is Set TmpCounter = 0 type?
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    Check Movement Speed of Selected Unit

    What is that? Set TempGroup = (Units selected by (Triggering player)) What is Set TempGroup = (Units selected by (Triggering player)) I mean TempGroup is what type?
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    Help with a pull skill trigger

    What is TempLoc variable's type?
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    Spells - Making Nova Spells

    Click on it. Is it my dummy unit has problem?
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    Spells - Making Nova Spells

    Dummy unit = 1