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    Is Twilight Bad?

    Bella, though she is a distinct character, is only distinct because she falls under the characteristics of a Mary-Sue. A character who is perfect in many ways, and her flaws are too simplistic. I believe that the main reason why her books took off the way that they did is because Stephanie...
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    The Cigarette

    This is a great scene to open up with, though I think that you should definitely go somewhere with it. It raises the right questions to keep the reader going to find the answers to those questions.
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    The Official Writer's Corner Chit-Chat Thread

    A good site to get names from is It has a search for the meanings and has a wider selection to choose from, as well as letting you know exactly what it comes from and what it means.
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    Seth Cross Writing

    Can't wait to see where you're going with this.
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    If you were an Animal, what would you be?

    Either a very small, highly cute little ball of fuzz known as a kitten. Or a tiger.
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    Bitter Sunrise

    If you want to change the repetition of the he and his, you can substitute the man in here and there, or maybe even give the reader his name. That also makes the third person point of view more omniscient, that the narrator would have the name when the other characters don't. The only problem...
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    Writer's Challenge (Classic)

    Can I have number 23 please?
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    Bitter Sunrise

    I really like this, are you going to continue to work on it?
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    How do you write?

    It depends on how I'm writing. If it's for one of my classes, I just write the first thing that comes to mind for the prompt. If I'm writing for myself, I have an idea and I brainstorm about it in a notebook before I jump to the computer and start typing stuff out, as I write I brainstorm...
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    Writer's Challenge (Classic)

    I was wondering if I could get the #3 box.
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    short poem

    Very good, I like it. The imagry is very powerful.
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    The Perfect Tattoo

    I like the stream-of-conciousness feeling to this story. Though the ending is ambigous, what exactly is going on in the story? How can the main character tell that the tattoo is perfect for the girl if he hasn't spoken to her? Overall, it's a good story, but it need some more details.
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    Usb Finger!

    That is more disturbing than useful. What if he had someone in his house that didn't know about that finger, and he just left it connected to his computer?
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    I like the formatting of this too. The longer sentences with smaller ones breaking it up to tapering off at the end. What you're actually saying is very interesting. The first two lines are fascinating and they draw you farther into the poem to the second stanza that captures you to the end.
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    Losing Hope in Friendship

    I really liked the formatting that you use for this poem, it gives the subject matter a more laid-back feel, even though what you are saying within the poem is actually serious.