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  • Oh, new BG album in April? Do want :3 On the subject of albums, I must pick up Hypocrisy's A Taste of Extreme Divinity sometime... once finances permit me to do so :D
    Hmm, Rise ain't too shabby - there's just something I can't really put my finger on about the vocals... nothing detrimental, it just doesn't seem 'right' :|

    Must look for that in HMV next time I get around to it, although I don't have much cash to throw around at the moment :p
    Well, to be honest... Not too good. I am having small trouble with my mapping team. I can't seem to get them all on skype at the same time... This will change soon though, because with school starting we will be back home at the same time, so we can work easaly.... At least that was how we worked last school year :d

    Do you have any projects ?
    Well I remember you did something cool this time last year.... well back then I was a big noob at everything and was impressed even by a simple jass spell :p

    Well, you didn't post for quite some time, or you have posted only in the jass area. that is why I thought you were gone :p

    How are things ?
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