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  • sorry about not checking back in your thread i totally forgot about it. there wasnt really a consistent pattern in the xp's you listed. so i cant find the formula for it. sorry, i can get something close to that but not exact.
    I can sometimes create good icons :p. It really depends on the icon, so you won't know if it's good until you see it. However, I do have time right now, so I can make icons for you :). Send me a list or something via PM?

    Also a note: If you have a base, like the boots, it makes it much much easier. Doing things from scratch is extremely difficult.
    Ow, well I'm sorry but I don't think I can help with that. I've mainly used standard icons in my map so far and I don't realy know were to find them.

    That was actualy my first time coming up with item ideas for people. :p

    I'm sorry I cannot be of any help with that. :(
    how fast do you need your spells? some irl probelms came up... my brothers gf died in a car crash... so have been kinf of buissy supporting him.
    can you send me a template on what unit you are using? kind of easier to inplant the spells that way.
    its easy, but do like tihs: make a spell template with oyur spell and i will make the spell on it.
    i can, but i cant until later today or early tomorrow.
    givem stats and i will start later on :)
    it means, that you must spend 5 more rpe on otherp eopel exept me before reping me again
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