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    Need a anti-camp trigger, Zombie Style !ROC!

    1. When posting triggers please use WC3 GUI tags. 2. I didnt understand what u want,clear more your question please.Anti-camp?But when u want this anti-camp to be activated?What u want exactly this trigger to do?
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    How to make cooler fighting cinematics(abilities)

    Well i got an idea : Make the 1 unit speak to the other and they to be in about 600-700 range,then play unit's cast cinematic and make special effect to the other unit and it will looks like the first unit cast a meteor or lightning to the other or just make an ability with meteor or lightning...
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    Problem about adding Item by Trigger

    For 1. I know how to fix this easy problem.But Before that show me the trigger.
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    Help [player group]

    I was needing something like that what feelingparty posted,thanks.
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    Help [player group]

    Hi,how can i pick every player that have unit in a X region and change alliance of picked player thread picked player to be an enemy.
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    If i put normal command the hackers disable it easy.This will be harder,because will be no string,when they search for string they wont find it :P
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    Well when they hack my map and when type etc. -agi 9999999 or str or int,then 1 hit everything.When they hit it they will be kicked.
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    I dont know how to do it... help me ?
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    Ok i example trigger that i want to do : If a unit takes more damage than 3000,then defeat owner of attacking unit.
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    Ok so i have an idea for anti-cheat but not sure how can i do it.Lets say.. Is it possible to do something like this : Unit - A unit gains EXP,condition - Exp gained greather than or equal to X. And one more : Event -A unit takes damage,Condition - Damage taken greather than or equal to X
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    Basic spell [Death and Decay]

    Thanks for the ideas i think to make the trees invulnerable +reps
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    Basic spell [Death and Decay]

    Hi i was wondering if there is a way to make this spell not destroying trees ?I will give+reps for helps
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    How to fix import image ? pls help..

    My Icons Don't Work If you get a green box or a black box where your icon should be, it appears your graphic isn't properly working. Firstly, make sure your import path is correct, typically most problems that occur are because the person has not imported the icons into the correct path...
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    RPG Spells

    Spell book..
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    Help with spell please

    I tryed one other thing,that one friend told me,it was close to your but in trigger 2 i needed to do this : Omnipotentus 2 Copy 2 Events Time - Omni_Timer expires Conditions Actions Set Omni_Index_Ally = 0 Unit Group - Pick every unit in...