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    You're not alone!

    You're not alone!
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    Dude, dude, dude! You're back! PM me, please!

    Dude, dude, dude! You're back! PM me, please!
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    Tavern color

    Art - Team Color (utco) - <your desired colour)
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    Trigger Ability bugs:

    Try and use as an event the following: "A unit Starts the effect of an ability" And also move your second and third "If (All Conditions are True)..." in the "Action" section, not the "Else" sections. May as well replace the waits with a different trigger, that fires when the ability is cast and...
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    Show region

    Visibility - Create an initially Enabled visibility modifier for Player 1 (Red) emitting Visibility across Your Region That should do it.
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    Loading Screen problem

    If your loading screen's width/height is larger than 800x600 or 1024x768 and is smaller than 512 - it won't display, and your case will happen: Black screen will appear as your background. Try tweaking its size and it will work.
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    Barrel of Explosives

    Take a normal plant from the Props section or a flower of some sort > edit its model to a barrel of explosives > profit.
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    ability trouble

    Why do you want to change Object Editor text? Is that even a problem?
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    Chemical Rage change spells

    You're adding an ability and in the same time removing that ability. You can just add the abilities you want on the alternate unit your Chemical Rage converts to. Example: Your normal unit has ability A and B. Your Chemical Rage unit has ability C and D.
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    Colour Question

    What's with the crazy color code tags? Use the first one only, close it with |r and then type the next string. Other than that, I don't see a problem.
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    how to detect bash

    That "action" is called clicking, not attacking.
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    Amplify Damage

    You can try and alter Spirit Link (Orc - Spirit Walker) in the following way: Tweak Spirit Link's stats (see below) to your needs, afterwards make two triggers - first one, that will cast the altered Spirit Link on your unit each time it casts its "shapeshift"; second one, that will remove the...
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    Ability description for Brilliance aura (raw value)

    Then the easiest way to do it is to manually change the description with the numbers you want.
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    Ability description for Brilliance aura (raw value)

    Press Ctrl+D That should show you the raw value of your "Brilliance Aura" ability. Example: A000:Ahab A000 is the raw value of your custom Brilliance Aura ability. You should fill that in the descritpion, such as: <A000:AHaB,Data1,.>
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    This right here, is the Wolf and his hands in the air! Heya there!

    This right here, is the Wolf and his hands in the air! Heya there!