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  • and also, it is good I think our time zones aren't really that big of a deal. I am GMT +2.

    Zerg rock, most of the times I fail it is something of my gamemechanics that failed, not the race ^_^

    Still, tehy are slightly Under Powered.

    Anyway, It is nice to hear from you dude. :)

    Are you still in high school or ?
    well, same really. It is starting to get colder and colder in Bulgaria... quite rainy and unpleaseant at most times actually. School is really... not my focus, sadly. I wish it cloud be... you should get skype if you don't have it :D (it is free and awesome, there are quite a few SCII players I know there :D ) anyway, I am playing SCII a lot, maybe a bit too much. On real life I tend to go out too much, therefore I have time either to study or play starcraft ^_^

    like I said, I am looking forward to the reagion searging. Btw, what is the time in your town at the moment ? it is 5:03 PM for me :D
    It seems that I can't add you, cuz we are on different continents. : (

    Blizz have promised a unified servers until the end of 2010. how are you, btw ?
    Don't worry about changing it. It's not inappropriate at all.
    I just thought I'd fill you in on anything you may not have known regarding your +12 rep. :p
    "I once got +12 rep. No joking."
    I'm sure most 'old' members did. A limit was placed on the amount of rep people could give out just a few years ago, so anyone who joined before that probably got high amounts of rep from people with a large amount themselves. In fact, I believe up to 17 was possible, though I'm unsure.
    stracraft is 3 in 1. The campaing is an entirely different game. The Editor is the most powerful mod engine, ever. The melee battles are the most polished and perfect battles in a strategy, ever made, ever.
    Yes it will be fun. : ))

    At the moment I am tryin to think up of a map that is going to use the starcraft II 3rd person camera engine, but I have no luck so far :D
    I have moved on to starcraft II now. :p Fuck, it is awesome.

    So, how have you been doing this past year ? (I was inactive arround 11 months) something new ? project ? spam ? hobby ? :D
    lol, never though someone lese was still hanging around on newgrounds :p
    btw could you make a glaive model?^^
    no i dont need a ribbon with that model, sincei highjacked yuor ribbon omdel to cheez <3
    :D only the "glaive" is enouh if its called a glaive so to say^^
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