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  • hey dude i think i fixed the bug in your system. visit the thread to find out more. i also made another thread but i...i was going to say i don't remember what it did, but i remember now. it enabled changing the multiboard items without using the jboard commands. in case the jboard commands were broken, that was a temporary fix because i was simply working around the bug instead of fixing it at the source.
    hey man, what about that jboard? icons? i can't change the icons in the middle of the do you do that? does the system need updating or am i trying to change icons the wrong way?
    Where'd you go?
    I missed you so
    Seems like it's been forever
    Since you've been gone

    He said some days he feels like sh*&
    Some days he wants to quit
    And just be normal for a bit

    Anyways yeah are you literally dead in real life or something?
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