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  • Hey, Mahucharn! Is it okay if you want to create a thread about you and contribute to The Helper Site History?
    I love/play both acoustic and electric equally, though I've got nothing nice yet. Squier Strat for my electric, and a bunch of Epiphones/Ovation acoustics. But a nice guitar is another thing on my list to buy one day in the future, when I've got the money to spare ha. I believe I have added you on Skype!
    Oh wow, you've been doing a lot ha. Sounds awesome. Would love to go to LA, my school's opening a branch in LA in 2014 so maybe I'll be able to go there. This summer I have been spending money lol. Used up like all my money to get a new laptop, camera, and just things for college in general. Also been playing and practicing a lotta guitar. You use Skype?
    Hey, I'll be going to Emerson College in Boston in 25 days. College life for me soon as well ha. Whatcha been up to?
    I agree! I had a really good time in Scouts. I just met up with an old friend from my troop yesterday! He caught me up with what was going on with his brother and cousins that were in the program too. It was pretty cool hearing about the things they are accomplishing.
    I got it a long time ago. :) But it's nice to know that you are in the program! I want to get my son in it asap. he is almost 4 so we have some time.
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