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    visible for only one team

    how can I make something (like a special effect, floating text or unit) visible for only ONE team or only one player?
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    Looking for awesome models

    I know this one. and hive has no model for Kratos, any decent ninja or rainbow dash. and darth vader is based on arthas/Uther/Paladin, which I think is not suited for him.
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    Looking for awesome models

    Im looking for kick ass models for my AOS. It wont be a 100% custom units map, just a few, so I need real good ones. Does someone knows a good site to get imported unit models? Im looking for models for these characters: - Ninja gaiden. - Rainbow dash. - Kratos. - Darth Vader. Any...
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    [EPIC PROJECT] the wayfarer

    A short idea about the game: a brief explanation about the world: What help I need:
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    How can I make a hero to sell items?

    you could create a unit with 0 visibility radius somewhere in the map, and when the hero uses his ability that unit is selected. The unit works like the human/orc/elf/undead item shop, and when an item is bought from that unit you trigger something. -you can select units even if you cant see them.
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    bound different maps into one

    I have a big project in which I want to create a single player RPG on warcraft with a really huge map. Im not talking about a scenario with the size huge, im talking about LOTS of huge maps linked to each other. I have years of experience in the world editor but I never did something like this...
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    Need a new Partner

    I will give you an advice. Dont make AOS if you are not experienced with triggers or you will have to lose hours correcting bugs and whenever a spells requires some kind of system you dont have in your map you will have to change everything and lose days to implement the system everywhere it...
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    Item triggering event

    dont use MATCHING ITEM, you have to use ITEM BEEING MANIPULATED. by the way... destroy the special effect after you create them use variables to define locations clear those variables after using them or your map will have memory l
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    teste para retardados (TEST FOR RETARDS)

    I love making maps, and I've tried to do many AOS in my life but I always stop in the middle because I get bored and start a new one... lol but I find myself very good at editing puzzle games, so, for the happyness of some I will be doing a new "teste para retardados" but this time im going...
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    Problems with animations

    how is this funcion in GUI custom script? thanks
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    Problems with animations

    I dont know how to close this thread
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    troll berserker model

    oh... that dont work, you have to do what I said in the first post. there is a field called REQUIRED ANIMATION NAMES, you have to add the word ALTERNATE there. the unit will show like a regular headhunter in the editor, but will show like a berserk in game
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    troll berserker model

    how can I make my unit have the troll berserk model? Problem solved... I just need to add ALTERNATE to the required animation
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    Problems with animations

    Ok people, everything solved XD thanks fr your help: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(udg_unit, 7) the number 7 is for mountain king, but different units may have other values
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    move unit to point without stopping action.

    Some time ago I remember I used a custom text GUI code to make one of my units move without stopping its actions like attack spell etc... do anyne knows the custom code that allows me to a a unit from X to Y without causing this unit to stops it's current action? thanks oh. I also have a...