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    Useful Tools Thread

    Is there anyone, with the link for the JassNewGenPack5e version? I'd like to ask for it.
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    Hello The Helper Community! Good Day. It's been years since I drop to this site again. I wonder if someone here has the link to the "JassNewGenPack5e: or the 1.5e pack World Editor of the JassNewGen. I downloaded the pack years ago from, and it was through a link provided by someone...
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    How to Determine Damage Type Via Trigger.

    Yeah, I know how to do that. I have already explored the world editor quite for a long time. Couldn't find any Condition that can match my event. And I guess dummies are the best units to be used as damage sources. Thanks though, to all of you!
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    How to Determine Damage Type Via Trigger.

    ok then... i guess i have to fin it out. and discover...
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    How to Determine Damage Type Via Trigger.

    Hey Guys... I want to know how to use the world editor triggers on determining damage type conditions. I have a spell that works that if the damage taken was physical (mainly from physical attacks) a unit does not take damage, only damage instances from magic. And another one, i want to find...
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    Real Data Question

    Oh... sad... Thanks for your reply anyway, I guees I have to trigger the ability.
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    Real Data Question

    Oh. I wasn't so specific... sorry, what I mean is the real datas in the abilities category of the object editor such as abilities like Unholy Aura or Brilliance Aura... Is there a possible way to input Data A1 [such Mana Regeneration Bonus for Brillance Aura] up to the third decimal place?
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    Real Data Question

    Hello again helpers... I have a question regarding real datas in the word editor... Is there a possible way or a way to set real datas up to the third decimal?
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    Conditions help...

    Oh thank you so much.... I'l keep on referring this post...
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    How to make a group of unit type?

    Ah... you need to specific so that anyone can give you a good reply. This is the trigger I created so you can get my point. Untitled Trigger 001 Events Time - Elapsed game time is 30.00 seconds Conditions Actions Unit - Create 2 Footman for Player 1 (Red) at (Center...
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    question on item combination

    Actually the trigger was made for multiple units... Though his trigger is quite long and the purpose is to prevent bugs and save inventory slots... But there are many ways to create your own trigger and some times there are simple triggers that will do the trick... Like this for simplicity...
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    importing icon - what is alpha channel ?

    Lol.. The answer of your question is all over the net... Try to use google... Regarding the use of TGA and BLP files... BLP files are the format use by WC3 as icons for heros, abilties, etc. TGA is best used for loading screen.. ["Hives" Correct me if I'm wrong...] Just follow the steps in...
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    How to make a group of unit type?

    I don't really think you need to create the mother group to do that... Am not sure if I can help but you can simply create a number of units in a certain area by Unit Actions -> Create Units Facing Angle.. Its as simple as that.. You want to create a group of units of the same type? This action...