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    Sci/Tech Does the Color Pink Exist? Scientists Aren’t Sure

    I don't believe that colors really exist, and that they are just an illusion.
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    Crime Black teens light white kid on fire while he was walking home from school

    I think the real question is whether hate crime is supposed to make it better or worse.
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    US News Student Dies In Class On 21st Birthday After Thanking God For ‘Another Year Of Life’

    Naw, God is just depressed with the human race at this time, and is tuning them out.
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    General Scholars say our calendar needs a serious overhaul.

    While this would be convenient, logical, and honestly an overall improvement, the inertia means that this will never happen, unless it was implemented in the beginning. Oh, and the same issue keeps using a keyboard DESIGNED TO BE INEFFICIENT.
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    Crime N.J. man dies from penis enhancing injection woman charged with manslaughter

    Extend "men" to "People in general" and I agree. I see no reason to limit that classification to men.
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    World Archaeologists make new Stonehenge 'sun worship' find.

    This is not new news. This has been known for quite a while.
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    Sci/Tech Speed-of-light experiment 'was wrong after all'.

    Too true, I doubt anyone is that stupid, lol.
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    World 2012: Killer solar flares are a physical impossibility.

    Uhm, what? Although it could technically happen to THROW a fireball of that size, How could anyone even suggest that there is not enough ENERGY in the SUN, to destroy the EARTH, when we all know in 5 billion years it will expand into what is basically a fireball, plenty more than 93 million...
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    World China’s Luckiest Driver: “Saved By Not Wearing Seatbelt.”

    Lol. There is no such thing as luck IMO, although irritatingly there are some statements that the English language cannot make without using the word.
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    Sci/Tech Aliens to attack earth in november!

    Hopefully before they hit the dominoes on the moon...
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    Sci/Tech Toshiba unveils 15-mm thick, ultra-thin laptop.

    One would hope it also is resistant to snapping, or supports folding :D
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    Sci/Tech Dark Matter Is an Illusion, New Antigravity Theory Says

    Uhm, didn't we already theorize about this? I'm pretty sure we already had plenty of articles about vacuum energy...