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  • I wanted to discuss over skype but doesnt matter i guess, Geoff is in vegas till the 2nd. (no sc2). can we play the tourny after hes back?
    Miz, I implore you to enforce stricter time tables for next tournament.

    Make all NA matches be between 10 AM and 3 PM (-6) and all EU matches between 10 AM and 3 PM (+1).

    I chose those time zones because they fit evenly between the existing time zones within those regions. (In the middle).

    If the matches are missed, there is a 2 day grace period.

    If all 3 days are missed, then the team missing those matches will forfeit. If one team has all of their members present at the time of the designated match (all 3 days) then they will get a free pass to the next round.

    Else, both teams are disqualified.


    It's a real pain in the ass trying to organize team schedules.

    1v1 could possibly be a bit looser with maybe 6 days of grace (giving a total of 7 days to play).

    Also, you can create a schedule so that prospective players can analyze them and make sure they can make each possible play time.

    Otherwise we end up with a slop of mess trying to organize things. :(
    That's fine :)

    I was hoping that this start of my tutorial spree may help finally get the tutorial section :p
    Hey! Trying to attend the 2v2 tour in europe but cant seem to post on the thread, is it too late? Can you help me out? Best regards, Luis from Norway :)
    I still can't see all of my tutorials. Fuck spelling, move everything. Monsterous checked 3 tutorials at once, once all the threads are moved I will replace the versions.

    I am running a spell check, whitesock said my English has improved... due to the lack of activity in terms of spell check I suggest just releasing them, so I can start writing new ones. Also, is it possible to add:
    [Gameplay setting/snippet/thingy] basically when I explain how certain mechanics work... for example the baisic protoss versus terran units.
    ling muta bling
    infestor ling
    roach hydra corruptor.

    Once we have the "wellcome to SCII" tutorial finished we can finally have the grand release.
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