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  • Hey Miz, the 67th Golden Globes thread is stickied, and now the 68th is here, so I was wondering if I should make a new thread for it, or what, heh.
    Hah, You don't need to bother doing that. Theres nobody in the finals I can hold a candle up too. :p
    So. There's this thing. About you. Why do you keep disappearing? Besides. I'm older than you.
    Humm, Miz, where's that little icon you had that flashed "New!". I just updated the Anime Index that's why.
    BTW Miz, I had posted in the SC2 tournament thread but I deleted my post: Do you want me to try and upload some of the replays on YouTube? Oh yea and, do you have any idea how I can get a better image than frapsing with the built-in recorder that comes with Sony Vegas Pro? -_-
    Ahm Miz, I didn't receive a PM. You said that you were finish sending them until the end of the weekend but since I saw your reply to the competition thread I decided to write this to you just to be sure that I am still in : )
    It seems that I dont really have time right now, so I cant join :(
    Thanks for notifying ( or whatever ) anyways.
    All three countries are located in separate servers. They do not belong in the South East Asia/Oceanic server. The Korea server is for both North Korea and South Korea.
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