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  • No, it can't be! I hope you have proofs to stand behind your shocking statement..
    It appears this message is useless.
    But then why am i creating this message?
    It has a purpose of stating it is useless, but if the purpose is that, then it is not useless, as it has a purpose, thus being useful.
    I hope you have learnt a valuable lesson :3
    Happy new 5th of January - the most well known holiday EVER.
    What, you thought it was the 1st? Psssh that was so last four days ago.
    611 visits sounds ominous...
    If you turn that 6 around its 911!
    ...Good thing i live in england.
    ...lonelyyyyyyy... im so lonelyyyyyy... i got nobodyyyyy...i'm all on my ownnnnnnnn-O-OWWNNNNNNNNN.
    We can never reach the future because time has stopped and we are living in only a fraction if it.

    We call them amusement parks when on a horror ride because its amusing to go through a bad one, only to find someone who was scared. Laugh at them accordingly.

    I concur, there is no spoon, only spork.

    I see, I saw, I go down. You go up.

    I prophecise the next sentence will be a sentence unlinked to prophesy.

    I agree, however, it can also be excessively greasy.

    Then it is a statement.

    They're neither, they're text.

    I have no base, therefore i take yours.

    I hope this has been informative.
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