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  • I am now forced to unleash an old VM I left for myself!

    Why is it that we can never reach the future, or even tomorrow? You cannot say "This is the future." or even "This is the past." There is only present.

    More importantly, why do they call those horror factories amusement parks? You don't come off of a mind scrambling ride and say, "Mmm. That was amusing."

    I dare say that there is no spoon.

    I saw, I see, I forsee.

    Prophecy, prophesy. Those are different words, yay?

    I hate food after it's been through the microwave. So dry, chewy, and disgusting. I once made toast in the microwave. Never again shall I do that... what would happen if I put Pineapple in a microwave?

    The sentence after this one is true. The sentence before this one is a lie. Hur hur hur.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Aah. Aaaah. Aah. Are those screams, sounds of surprise, or painful moans? The world may never know.

    I am related to the man who wrote Yankee Doodle. All your base are belong to us.
    Feel free to post a random comment here, so i may reply to it and battle you in an epic showdown of your innermost thoughts or arguments!

    ...or so i can just reply.
    It appears i have not posted for some time.
    I really need to keep up to date with these things...

    It could be like vegetables! Except all packed into one, like a SUPERVEGETABLE.

    A POST A DAY KEEPS... hmm bacteria? fungus? trolls? yes thats it!


    I'll never follow it through though, my track record seems to agree.
    S.E.R.R.A.A.V.E.N.G.E.R. stands for:
    I'm making up stupid meanings for consonants and vowels that don't even match with the thing I'm trying to abbrevate.


    A.N.T.I.D.I.S.E.S.T.A.B.L.I.S.H.M.E.N.T.A.R.I.A.N.I.S.M stands for:

    Aerial Newts Tried (In Disguise) Idiotising Station Eleven Subsector Twelve And Bringing Love In Siberia Harnessing Mega Energy Neutralizers Triangulating Airborne Rolos In A Nuclear Isolated Stationary Mobile.

    ...The more you know.
    You may have won the battle, but you have not won the war!

    *puts on Napoleon's large hat and walks away*
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  • Varine Varine:
    I want to build a filtration system for my 3d printer, and that shit is so much more complicated than I thought it would be
  • Varine Varine:
    Apparently ABS emits styrene particulates which can be like .2 micrometers, which idk if the VOC detectors I have can even catch that
  • Varine Varine:
    Anyway I need to get some of those sensors and two air pressure sensors installed before an after the filters, which I need to figure out how to calculate the necessary pressure for and I have yet to find anything that tells me how to actually do that, just the cfm ratings
  • Varine Varine:
    And then I have to set up an arduino board to read those sensors, which I also don't know very much about but I have a whole bunch of crash course things for that
  • Varine Varine:
    These sensors are also a lot more than I thought they would be. Like 5 to 10 each, idk why but I assumed they would be like 2 dollars
  • Varine Varine:
    Another issue I'm learning is that a lot of the air quality sensors don't work at very high ambient temperatures. I'm planning on heating this enclosure to like 60C or so, and that's the upper limit of their functionality
  • Varine Varine:
    Although I don't know if I need to actually actively heat it or just let the plate and hotend bring the ambient temp to whatever it will, but even then I need to figure out an exfiltration for hot air. I think I kind of know what to do but it's still fucking confusing
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Maybe you could find some of that information from AC tech - like how they detect freon and such
  • Varine Varine:
    That's mostly what I've been looking at
  • Varine Varine:
    I don't think I'm dealing with quite the same pressures though, at the very least its a significantly smaller system. For the time being I'm just going to put together a quick scrubby box though and hope it works good enough to not make my house toxic
  • Varine Varine:
    I mean I don't use this enough to pose any significant danger I don't think, but I would still rather not be throwing styrene all over the air
  • The Helper The Helper:
    New dessert added to recipes Southern Pecan Praline Cake
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Another bot invasion 493 members online most of them bots that do not show up on stats
  • Varine Varine:
    I'm looking at a solid 378 guests, but 3 members. Of which two are me and VSNES. The third is unlisted, which makes me think its a ghost.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Some members choose invisibility mode
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I bitch about Xenforo sometimes but it really is full featured you just have to really know what you are doing to get the most out of it.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    It is just not easy to fix styles and customize but it definitely can be done
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I do know this - xenforo dropped the ball by not keeping the vbulletin reputation comments as a feature. The loss of the Reputation comments data when we switched to Xenforo really was the death knell for the site when it came to all the users that left. I know I missed it so much and I got way less interested in the site when that feature was gone and I run the site.
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    People love rep, lol
  • The Helper The Helper:
    The recipe today is Sloppy Joe Casserole - one of my faves LOL
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Decided to put up a healthier type recipe to mix it up - Honey Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Here is another comfort food favorite - Million Dollar Casserole -

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