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    *presses the I-Win-button, and signs a contract stating that only Monsterous may press the button, or use any other variants such as the U-Lose-Button, and nobody posing, with the name, doppleganger, illusion and forth may protray Monsterous to wielding this. Nobody else may sign this paper apart from the first signer, whom ahs signed it in the first place.*

    EAT IT!
    Im Blindddd!
    *uses convienently added ash-shield wipers on gas respirator*
    *gets a vacuum cleaner and puts azlier's ashes inside it*
    You'll never escape! NEVER!
    Where is your honor?! Kicked me into a laser!

    I will simply use my undead ash powers to cloud your vision.
    I am now undead ashes! I will fly down your throat and choke you to death. Fear me!
    *Puts on a titanium plated boot and kicks Azlier down a conviently placed 500ft laser.*
    *Fires laser*
    *Says some incredibly awesome punchy one-liner*
    Ha! It didn't work! As soon as i saw it i knew it was a rick roll message!
    ...drat now iv'e looked at it. This isnt over!
    We're no strangers to love,
    you know the rules and so do I.
    Real commitment's what I'm thinking of,
    you wouldnt get this from any other guy.

    I just want to tell you how I'm feelin',
    gotta make you understand.

    Never gonna give you up,
    never gonna let you down,
    never gonna run around and desert you.

    Never gonna make you cry,
    never gonna say goodbye,
    never gonna tell a lie or hurt you.
    Random Fact!
    The "Ball" ontop of the a flag pole is called the "truck".

    ...well thats just obvious right?
    ...Alternatively, wish me luck if you see this!
    ...or dont because you dont care about me you meanie.
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