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  • Oh, only 1 thing...

    With the Earth Shake spell, can you make the totem destroy first and move the HERO after that?
    It will make the HERO cant gain mana when cast Earth Shake ^^
    Sorry for 2 weeks ago, i got to work with my brother, so i cant answer your questions...

    But wow, u make it exactly what i think. 10/10 :)
    Sorry I'm kind of picking up stompies here, but I see you're also from South Africa :) welcome to the club! I myself am from Johannesburg, 2nd year student studying at the University of Johannesburg :) if you're into wc3 mapping at all and come across any problems, feel free to drop me a PM or an email and I'll assist you, although I can't guarantee I'll help you all the way through a difficult problem because I tend to lose interest rather quickly :eek: the other SA members here I know of are Hex.16 and Gtam, but there are pobably a bunch more.
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