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    Return to Form?

    Damn, created my account back in 2010... Old avatar, old posts, old everything! - Nice to read a lot of old people are actually replying to the mail :D
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    How to unzip and zip using DLL?

    Warcraft III version switcher using MSZIP
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    Units freeze Warcraft 3 bug

    There are too much objects in your map, test it on a simple 1v1 Melee map
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    How to unzip and zip using DLL?

    I think it's a simplefied Visual Basic/C# combination... If you're able to create a script that executes a executable, then you could use the .Net Framework and use this example.
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    How to unzip and zip using DLL?

    What language / compiler are you using?
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    How to make a Warcraft III Version Switcher?

    Yes, that's the main idea... Though, Windows has some problems while overriding... I'd recommend that you remove the "to replace" files before you place the "new" files back.
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    How to make a Warcraft III Version Switcher?

    First of all you need to back-uo the "current version" then update to a new version. You need at least the following files: Frozen Throne.exe Warcraft III.exe war3.exe game.dll Storm.dll war3.mpq War3Patch.mpq War3x.mpq War3xlocal.mpq ~ Not sure, though. Please note that some maps may have...
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    .Net Battle.Net Emulation

    Could a moderator please remove these posts, except the main thread?
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    .Net Battle.Net Emulation

    Could you please NOT refer to Warcraft IV? Stop placing stamps on persons, my God...
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    Warcraft III lag spikes HUGE

    Try starting it with administrator rights. For some reason it's possible that W3 needs to access system32 layered objects... Which, without administrator rights, he may not enter... I doubt it, but... If you're using a shortcut to it, go to the properties of the shortcut and check whether or not...
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    .Net Battle.Net Emulation

    Is there anyone interested to support me with this? It's mostly handling that's to be done... I still consider making a base class for handling events. Minimal requirements: Login sequence of at least Warcraft III BNCS protocol XML and SQL Please let me know through here!
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    Blizzard Entertaiment Inc.'s Battle.Net TOU - Discussion;u=6862 < That's me... Official PvPGN (Continuation of BNETD) moderator. Blizzard knows my progress on emulations... Just a legal question: Supporting, by means of text/speech, is that considered illegal?
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    Blizzard Entertaiment Inc.'s Battle.Net TOU - Discussion

    Hello, For those who do not know me: I am MusicDemon. .Net Programmer and working on Warcraft IV - EoE. A few weeks/months ago, I had a chat with a Blizzard/ representative about the rights/restrictions on hosting private server(s) and using bots. While reading some of the...
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    Open again, please :)

    Open again, please :)