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    Signature S.U.N part 2!

    2nd one: Aquaman? :D
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    The hunt begins (again)

    Red Dead Redemption or GTA4 are good time killers.
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    Your favorite Meme?

    Ah, okay I see it now. I have to admit, I first checked to see if the image was a GIF in case her eyes opened.
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    Your favorite Meme?

    I don't see it. What am I looking at here?
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    Gollumcha Vs Undeadorcjerk - Tiebreak !!

    Both are good but Undead's is really captivating. It's really nice to be able to look at art and not have to strain your eyes too much. I think the text in Gollumcha's killed it for me. Sorry.
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    Signature Tears of Heaven (animated popout)

    I remember back when animated sigs were big. I still love them. And rain is never "continuous" but I can somewhat see what you mean.
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    Signature Some Signatures

    Maybe he's following tutorials? Either way, looks pretty good.
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    Proof that our country is headed in the wrong direction

    Alright I'll be the devil's advocate on this one. It could very well be argued that the school's action on that day were preventive measures. This very well have turned into a fight at any school with a significant Mexican population and while I don't completely agree with the school's...
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    Where can I get the cheapest new ps3?

    You're never going to get a cheap one that's "new". The MSRP is $299.99 and thus it will sell at that price. You can try to get Bundles but they are only released during the holidays. Don't count on the price dropping either since it already has recently with the Slim. If you really want a...
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    Crime Man dies after a prank involving an eel in his butt

    I know he had a bad hangover but you would think that he would wake up when he got such a thing stuffed up his ass.
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    More Bill Maher rants

    While this is debatable, this philosophy is quite outdated. We live in a country run by two parties and this is not going to change because the rich benefit too much from such system and us, citizens, have no power to control it. The Founding Fathers never had in mind what the United States...
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    Signature Tournament 2 - Round 2 Voting Official

    Voted again, what happened to the other poll thread?
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    Bungie Partners With Activision

    Only interested in this because maybe.. JUST maybe Halo will go over to PS3 as well :) Aah we can only dream. Doubt this would be before the next gen console because isn't Halo Reach the last Halo for at least the 360?
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    New SC2 Site

    So sexy. Was this accomplished with the aid of Andrewgosu? I mean after he went MIA.
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    Crime Security Stepped Up at Comedy Central Following Threats Against 'South Park'

    What do you define as productive? You obviously can't see past the bare, almost crappy animation they use to render South Park and see the point they are making. Ever heard of satire?