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  • Hey, thanks a lot! I left you a message back in the thread, and hope to see more of you in this times! (Oh, yeah, sorry for the late reply, I was kinda busy)
    Hey mate, I see you've been working on multiple maps (or were at least) Rpgs, could you teach me how to load/save unit positions (I know how to store a unit, my problem is on for instance a unit enters "Generic Dungeon A", when he leaves it, I don't want the whole map he came from to restart but to load him on the entrance of Generic A)? Thanks in advance.
    Hi! I just saw your comment. Search the tutorials thread for a tutorial campaign posted by the user Exide. It's what I used for my campaigns and it works brilliantly. I also saw that back in August you checked out my campaign Fire and Blood: just to let you know I fixed the link; you can see how campaign linking and quest carry over works from a completed campaign there.
    (Better Late than never, right?)
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