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    Helllo, can u send me a HoN beta key, i really like how the game sounds. Thanks.
    Hey sorry m8, didnt mean it was looking on some way awful. its think it was cool and cute. Sorry didnt want you to change :)
    Nenad, your avatar are very cute and etc... But when you post a good post it seems bad. Like your avatar is saying "Puh..."
    Nenad who do you think moderated the RP forum when we had it... :p

    Anyway -
    Pineapple and I are planning out a tiny RP to see if people are ready for Plunder which is massively epic, its so vast of a playing field; we need to know what people can do speaking most of the old RPers from the Forum are gone.

    So if you have any ideas yourself of RPs, post them in the social group.
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