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  • Alas, my MSN ID is also :p

    Edit: Oh, and I'm getting the hang of it. ^_^
    I remade the Energy Ball ability and I can prove it if you clear up some inbox space :]
    Then in these hash tables, is it safe to assume that if I save an ID as 0 for the first caster, then the second caster should have a different ID?
    hai :), hey uhm, this may sound stupid,im not sure, but , im sort of looking for a Private Mentor ? for Spell Triggering and mainly,advanced triggering, i dont know,but i eitherway wanted to give it a shot to ask you if you had the time,and the will to accept me as your.... apprentice?... hope to hear back from ya soon :)
    "Everyone" being Bribe. Even Nestharus acknowledges the merits of KT2...
    Meh, made replies in the threads you linked me. I think Bribe's gone a little bit crazy! :p haha..
    I'm confused. What needs updating in KT2? Why do people bitch at you?
    KT2 is more efficient than TU for low periods. And for high periods it shouldn't matter...
    hey, i don't want to disturb you but i have given you some ideas on your thread about the soul abilities:)... and also i would like you to help me if you have time to check my post about "players jass code help"
    Hey dude thanks with the making of my skill. I asked you some questions in my thread...I think you may want to check it out. :D
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