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    Gaming Fan recreates World of Warcraft in Minecraft block by block

    If this was by hand... I guess if it makes him happy he should do it, but really? I really can't understand how he could have focused on such a pointless project for so long. @accname wow that's so true. Though perhaps talent is the wrong word, passion may be a better word.
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    Campaign Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

    Will you be using anything directly from wc2 like sounds or music, or will those all be wc3? Sounds like an awesome project :D. I can't wait to play with the old units.
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    What are you afraid of?

    Yeah I'm pretty sure daddy long legs aren't that venomous, don't produce much venom, and can barely pierce through the first few layers of skin. At least there is no evidence saying that they are extremely poisonous so its hard to tell. I dislike spiders not because of their bites but because...
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    warcraft 2 cd key problem

    I don't know why it says the key is already in use but as far as I'm aware even the version of warcraft 2 is not supported by the website, it's simply too old. I you look in classics there are warcraft 3, starcraft, and diablo 2. No warcraft 2 or diablo 1.
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    Whats your Speedtest connection?

    Woah that's a big difference between download and upload. Also, what's with the people in the hundreds?!? o_O
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    Clean your dirty balls

    That was funny.
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    Pixel Breakout

    that was awesome. Getting the last one sucks though.
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    Rare Exports

    Wait, what just happened?
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    Report Cyclists! The public thinks you're cool and normal!

    Since when are cyclists abnormal? The only reason I don't normally use bikes is that walking, public transit, and for the long distances cars, cover almost all the different situations.
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    Vertigo - Some Kind of Trailer

    Looks really good!:thup: My only problem with the video is that the font that you used doesn't let letters like g,y, and q go partially below the line. :D
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    World Meltdown of the climate 'consensus'

    That's what he's referring to. Dan seems the most informed and I have to agree with him on several points. Though even if it's not true it has brought a lot of of attention to other issues such as resource and ecological conservation, which means that it even still might have a good impact.
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    World Meltdown of the climate 'consensus'

    Sadly that was the best post in this thread. I'm not an expert on this subject and don't fully understand it so I don't think I can give my point of view on this. (and I don't anybody else here is an expert, so, yeah.) But there are people in my family who are in the field and they say that...
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    Yes it is a plant, and it contains drugs that in the context that we are discussing will be released, so you might as well call it a drug. Marijuana has dangerous effects, if your going to ignore that and not listen to the evidence then I can argue with you about as much as I can argue with a...
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    wall detect bounce problem

    By close I mean 1 unit away, where the trigger will then run. And by trim grass I mean the terrain at region000point, so the terrain which the unit will bounce off of. Oh btw, are the units of measurement used by the editor 1 square or 100th of 1 square? edit: oops, the units are 100th of a...
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    wall detect bounce problem

    Just did that, each time the unit bounces both triggers run once.