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    custom paths

    try an MPQ extractor :P
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    Reputation Part 2 - Post Reputation Issues Here

    I think the limit is 15...? anyways, I want to ask a my question: Krys_a Knight has +50 rep but his/her posts aren't helpful (much). How come then +50? is he/she a close friend to an admin???
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    Cool Banner

    Cool banner (:D:P)
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    The Helper map, part 2

    nice ones, But Ray's are better :P better give me the map? I want to work on some things. THE HELPER MAP 1ST DATE RELEASE 5TH JANUARY!!!! keep an eye.
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    the Gravity bind spin dance!!!

    Buuump :d
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    Error in GMax

    you must have done something wrong. ...Redo???
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    Playstation 3

    Where did you learn all these? Hacked into Sony? Bought both of them and played till you die (again)? How? You are a fast pandaman, ya know that??? :P
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    warcraft freezes up when I try join a game.

    If you got a bootleg wc3 version it does the thing, else I dunno. Maybe check your Task manager...
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    So, you're going to be shocked.

    YES!!!!! SD_RYOKO has fallen to the good side!!!!! Welcome to WoW, leave the -500 rep out :) be "one of us". (evil laugh)
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    User Title ?

    I also don't like that. But it has to be a world cleaner somewhere...:D
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    3 Hilarious Videos

    I didn't really like the 3rd one, but the 2nd's great...<3
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    Animation Freeze

    Sorry, then I said it the other way?
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    How fast can you click??

    Well that way I got to get to 600+ Oo
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    Spell Energy Shield

    Very nice, cool spell, cool avatar and cool overall :D
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    How fast can you click??

    are you joking????? I got barely 40.