Jul 14, 2005
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Анна Ахматова

I'm back online. Jul 21, 2015

    1. Jimpy
      I see you.
    2. tooltiperror
      It's pretty sweet.

      And of course it is.
    3. Miz
      Hey saw your site. When I get everything set up I will put your blog on Member's Affiliates on the front page and also if you want give you a (Charity-)Commission Link. Where people can have a link to contact you about you getting some writing done for them.
    4. U are a noob
      U are a noob
    5. thewrongvine
    6. thewrongvine
      Hey, are you like highly familiar with Sophocles' Antigone?
    7. Jimpy
      While I don't post on your threads with poems, I do read each and every one in full, often multiple times.
    8. ReVolver
    9. Jimpy
      Poor girl, did she think she stood a chance at partaking in sustained courtship of the Ninva? Not even the gods dream of such a thing.
    10. Jimpy
      "I'd be ashamed by it. Receiving the mark would be like receiving the scarlet letter. This is one of the reasons why I'm still a virgin."

      Emotions, virgin drop, literary reference all in one go.

      You'll be the first to be corrected when the new world order comes.
    11. Jimpy
      Why you gotta be so beautiful?
    12. Jimpy
    13. Miz
      Very well, but if he wants it removed, he or I can remove it at any time. As long as you understand that than it doesn't matter much.
    14. Miz
      A fanbase for what? I mean you don't need my permission but i am just curious.
    15. Romek
      I tried doing those coins for you, but it seems PS has (and always had, to be honest) a hard time supporting GIFs. I know how to open GIFs in it, but it seems there's always a white background on the coins, and one of them seems to even have a yellow background for some reason.

      So.. Sorry. :(
      Hopefully someone else will do it.
    16. UndeadDragon
      Lol, thanks :P

      I can't believe I haven't noticed that before :rolleyes:
    17. Jimpy
      Yea I want to make some sort of simple map, but I'm not sure what to do quite yet. My goal is to have it be a bit open ended with how you can do things.
    18. Jimpy
      So whilst it is a tad silly, having played your map you submitted kind of inspired me to maybe make one myself. I felt it was a good example of game concept being more important then frilly designs and complex systems.

      Though your map really could use some sort of respawn. :P (Though I am guilty of having died a fair bit...)
    19. Jimpy
      "Blah, I hate everything that Taylor Swift stands for."

    20. Jimpy
      Good to hear your good. I'm good too. In a slight pickle of situation regaurding females, but its not within my control so I'm not stressing over it. Other then that, recently aced two tests and have been productive musically. :)
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