Jul 14, 2005
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Анна Ахматова

I'm back online. Jul 21, 2015

    1. Romek
      Happy Birthday! :D
    2. Bloodcount
      Well, ok, I shall ignore the critics. Though, I got really pissed off that that guy thought that my essay was a tutorial... well ok and thanks.

      And also, except my weekly essay on something connected to warcraft and mapping, I have an idea: Instead of me reporting for the mapping community, I can make reviews for 1 map each week. What do you think ?
    3. Prometheus
      No, it's for search results.
    4. Prometheus
      What's there to explain? I said it works as designed, as in it's meant to be like that.
    5. Prometheus
      That was a bit uncalled for. I was simply stating something because I had previously heard that it was designed like that. From admins mind you.
    6. jonadrian619
      Hi Ninva!

      I can write anime reviews for POFW this week. Though Miz is in there, I can be of more help. An overview, main characters and extra stuff would do, it really depends on the time I have for the week (school's just started, and there will be a slew of category 3-4 typhoons coming to the Philippines :().
    7. gameman
      Your profile's background is so amusing.
    8. ElderKingpin
      true, but what happens when the private school kids run smack into real life, where there is no one to keep them in line. Sure they have ethnics but sometimes when push comes to shove, people fall over and at that point, there is no one to pick them up, its on their own shoulders. That is, if they dont pray to God, but that is different, somtimes hardship pulls them away from their childhood teachings.
    9. Romek
      I'll be fine this weekend. I've got exams and all. But I don't revise constantly, and taking a bit of time to write an article isn't a problem at all.
      Thanks for understanding. =)
    10. ElderKingpin
      im asking, why is that. I mean its not any different but private school kids end out being better, why.
    11. Jimpy
      Aol CDs... Economic failure, or diversion from something grander?
    12. ElderKingpin
      Lets say i put yourself on the stand point that, your private school is Christian. Besides a Christian perspective on things and prayer and a bunch of other Christian things and morals, private school is the same as a public school, yet private school kids tend to be smarter. I am not sure where that comes from, but im sure its true. It is also true that private school kids usually end up being better people, economically and physically and mentally
    13. Pineapple
      Don't forget prose D=
    14. Jimpy
      I once killed a man for knowledge.

      Now I know of guilt, and remorse.
    15. ElderKingpin
      Lol that was blunt ._.
      Yesh :/
    16. ElderKingpin
      you were talking about the book of Job, you a Christian?
    17. Sooda
      I observe Lovers of Words threads, I don't want to join just because of joining. I would be passive, I' m obsessed with other things currently (relearning mathematics from beginning when I got spear time, working as archaeologists assistant -- washing bone pieces from stone age and medieval age, got that work thanks to my friend, I don't have archaeologist education).
      I was in my school theatre class :D what a coincidence.
    18. Romek
      There won't be a WEHZ article for the POFW this week.
      I'm away for a few days. Sorry!
      I'll be back to normal next week. ^_^
    19. The Helper
      The Helper
      Sure Ninva. Just let me know is a good email for me with the quickest turn around on a way to reach me.
    20. 13lade619
      idk.. maybe start with TheHelper himself?
      or acehart from WEHZ.. hehe..
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