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    Need Help

    to define a problem you must first say what's the problem, we are not guru's here. that dopt sounds somehow troublesome
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    Which is faster?

    I've got two codes that do the same thing, which is faster and why? method iterate takes code func returns nothing local trigger temp = CreateTrigger() local thistype cnt = this.guard call TriggerAddAction(temp, func) loop set cnt = exitwhen cnt ==...
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    VC++ On run Error (Destructor)

    oh thanks, i could use string but teacher wants char* I don't really have to make class for that, maybe in a some more serious project.
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    VC++ On run Error (Destructor)

    Compiler throws me the error at bottom of post, what I got wrong in my code? #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> #include <string> #define MAX_CHAR_LENGTH 20 using namespace std; class DIstudent { private: int *grades; float average; char *name; char *surname; public...
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    Stomp Spell Terrain

    every time you change the terrain, add its data to a stack along with a timer event, when the time expires revert it to normal terrain type. You need: Jass: (Struct, Timers) and a custom code function like that. Trigger: Frost Stomp Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect...
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    Sci/Tech [VIDEO] Little Sand Flea Robot Makes Prodigious Leaps

    I love it. @FireCat Stop it. If you don't like it, just post one comment.
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    Just a simple channel spell request I can study.

    firstly create a channel spell. then at options choose the activate and decactivate orders for the ability. use them with an ordering event. if it is activate then pause target unit and apply a lighting chain (shackles) to caster and target if it's decactivate unpause the grabbed unit...
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    Sci/Tech [Video] How MIT's Laser Camera Can See Around Corners

    ofc there will be research, else we will all resemble as the Michelin mascot.
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    Tutorial Creating Attachment Weapon in Gmax using SPLines

    Not sure if stefani88 and meimeilarry are eubz's clone accounts or real users...:P
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    It's so easy nowadays to -rep anyone, giving idiotic excuses. If you hadn't understood what I...

    It's so easy nowadays to -rep anyone, giving idiotic excuses. If you hadn't understood what I wrote then, you shouldn't criticize me. Regards.
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    Sci/Tech Microsoft demos a high-performance 1ms-latency touchscreen.

    Something expected from the ones who first created a Pad. *Latency is decreased from 100ms to 1ms, battery life is decreased from 8 hours to 10 minutes == profit. When something is better, it does not mean it consumes more distant future that technology won't harm battery life.
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    Problem with jump system

    make a parabolic one, and let keyboard move the unit, simple
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    Problem with jump system

    I did it before you post, I tried my best, and only thing i did is to add 3 units for red player and move them 1 by 1, not simultaneously :( please try simple linked list, it will save you for good.
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    Problem with jump system

    Checking it right now. On edit you get the results ;)