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  • I make some models, if I really like it (I don't have much motivation ;D). But I edit models much more. Because those are fun and A LOT less work.
    I mostly use War3Model Editor (by Magos) and the Vertex Modifier (by Oinkerwinkle). But when I am animating, I use Milkshape 3D. Check out my tutorial: How to: Edit Models. For more about the War3Model Editor and Vertex Modifier (and links for download).
    Could you edit theFrost Wyrm missile so that when it dies, it doesn't have as much particle thingies...... about 50 of them playing their death is quite FPS dropping :L
    but thx for all your other guides their all awesome (sry bout double post)
    err hey for some reason your particle emmiters guide doesn't work i open it in magos model editor and i don't see any effects but when i import it on w3 it works.. pls help lol
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