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    Sci/Tech Fermilab Holometer tests to see if Universe is a Hologram in 2011

    any view of a hologram can be recreated from any piece of that hologram... If the universe is holographic, what does that mean for us "pieces" of the universe? *head explodes*
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    Inventory Background models

    In a few videos of custom unit inventory systems, I've seen some that use a particular type of model for the background. Instead of using a 3d animated model of the particular unit, They use a 2d, non animated silhouette of the unit. I can't seem to find them in the editor, leading me to believe...
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    StarCraft II Hits 800,000 Pre-Orders in the Americas

    I always use a pseudonym when i'm online, even when i had a facebook profile... Then one day i started getting mail, not e-mail... PHYSICAL MAIL to my house... addressed to my pseudonym i used only on facebook. im not sure how they got my address. so, needless to say i left facebook. then...
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    Funny video of Sc2

    ...It's inevitable.
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    Environment Laser creates clouds over Germany

    Psssst... you're probably unaware of this, but that statement is actually the hallmark of someone who doesn't understand global warming. Global warming creates warmer summers, which causes more evaporation in the ocean, which then causes colder winters. More evaporation -> more snow to...
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    Well, look at the build order... thats the same heirarchy for the basic Marine/Marauder/Medivac strategy. so no, you're not vulnerable unless you just don't build anything else and let your resources pile up... you could do the MMM strat and you would have already built the prerequisites to...
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    You can have 4 vikings by the time the enemy has 5 mutalisks in your base. I'll give you the rundown ***For Vikings*** Bldg Prerequisite/Cost(Min/Gas)/Build Time Barracks 150/0 60 Factory 150/100 60 Starport 150/100 50 Reactor 50/50 50 Total(without reactor) 450/200...
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    Just wondering if anyone has tried to make some custom heroes(like in wc3) yet, and if so, have you had much success?
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    If they have a mass of mutalisks(12 or so) at the back of your base, you should have a mass of units capable of countering, or else you're doing something wrong. in the event of an early harrass, a few missile turrets should be enough as far as static defense goes - but vikings are far more...
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    SC2 Beta Replays

    Yeah im pretty certain the guy had never played a game that lasted longer than 10 minutes, if his cheese fails - GG... or as he says "bg" hehehehehe.
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    SC2 Beta Replays

    this one is a rather humourous match i played last night in a 1v1 gold league match. we were both zerg, my enemy threw every expected cheese tactic at me. first he massed speedlings, then mutalisks. each time i countered succesfully, eventually he quits in frustration when i get a group of...
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    SC2 Beta Replays

    Here is a testament to why you should never give up. I create a pretty well rounded build, but admittedly get a bit greedy. the enemy masses roaches and stalkers and wipes me out. I spend most of the rest of the game playing defensively, hiding out in my Ally's base. eventually we just...
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    Crime Bicycle Bank Robber Makes Clean Getaway

    What are you talking about?
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    Starcraft 2 Game Strategies

    Indeed... But with it being some 10 years now since starcraft, I thought i'd post it for those who are new to the starcraft universe.
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    Starcraft 2 Game Strategies

    I mostly play zerg, so I thought i would mention this little tactic to anyone unfamiliar with the zerg build mechanics. If you've ever tried to do a zergling rush, only to find the enemy zerg is somehow able to get 2 more zerglings into your base than you have... this is how they do it: build...