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    Things you NEVER Say to the cops.

    greet him in a foreign language in which you only kw 2 words of: "hi" and "bye", and continue to only say those words. if sumhow that cop knows of the language, switch to another 1 and repeat.
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    Kick to the nuts costs city $1,750,000

    lol.. i'll change it to KH1 kairi then :P
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    Game Maker

    hmm ic, but how often is it that u find an experienced user? its a great software for making, say, arcade plane shooter games, haha/
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    Rakion - Better then ever

    which is y most games r uncussessful: the website is crap. sigh, but then the lag factor also plays a bit part of losing, and the lag checker wehn u enter a room doesn't help much..
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    The Wish Game!

    you fly so high you go into space, only realizing that u 4got ur spacesuit, equipment, etc. i wish today will end asap (last day of work! wooo!)
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    Top 10 PC games of all time

    soliaire. or minesweeper.
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    One Word Game

    Once a man flew into garbage fighting a kangaroo mormon, who exploded without any reason, but he didn't remind his mom about the Sandwich because demons eat bologna and crud muffins. The boobies flew off into a dark destroyer-drone-of-doom and chain guns attacked themselves forever. The funny...
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    The Pants Quote Game

    -i bring PANTS! -panda brewmaster -i'll come back for PANTS, i promise! -sora, KH1 ending. -can you feel PANTS? -axel, KH2 -You're a PANTS pirate, aren't you? Then steal PANTS. Is that so much to ask? -ashe, FFXII
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    favorite quote from TH member

    what if the winrar/zip is downloaded as a compressed file (winrar.rar/
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    The Wish Game!

    good hamburger defined as 1 with lots of meat, thus u get a nice and big worm+hamster sandwich i wish i had a new gcard installed so i can play games w.o lagging.
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    Game Quits to Desktop A Few Seconds After I Start It

    haha its more idiot-proof now, any1 is able to use IE, explorer, etc. um, to check ur video card specs, start>run. punch "dxdiag" and a screen pops up. click the video tab to see wadeva gcard you have.
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    The Wish Game!

    (that reminds me of this jap "horror" movie called sth like "the ring") ability granted, but you couldn't stop the movement of these things. i wish um...i can just waste this wish. :S
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    fighting on the internet

    physically disabled then.
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    hmm... so much for a home made audio..
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    actually, only the games/animes concerning the original 151 were good, everything after that got repetitive. like, most pokemon from the "gold/silver series" were replicas of the first set, and the "ruby/saphire/emerald series" were like even uglier. (i quit playing pokemon after the...