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  • Ah I'm sorry. But I think you can skip my Hi-Res request. DotA with the latest version have even taken up more space in Battle.net. And I don't think my map would stand out that much. It was fun to make it, but I don't think finishing would be worth it. Sorry for wasting your time, but I think that I don't need the request anymore.
    Yeah me and tooblet are working on an RPG that i think will be quite fun :) We started this project cause we didnt find an RPG out there to measure our own needs for what an RPG should involve. So we made our own epic rpg ;)
    Actually, sylvanas is a mix of different peoples from the warcraft lore. I used the general nightelfish look on her and some other elements are taken from Medivh tbh :) Allthough i never look at a picture and try to redraw it exactly. I just memorize different parts of whatever i look at and use them, if im curious about, for an example, the Torso in a different angle, i can look that one up and draw it over and over again untill i learn and then i can use that skill on other drawings that i make :)
    Some of my pictures are made up and for the rest i have used what i memorized from other artist's to come up with my own work of art. Allthough the Paladin is kinda much the same as Samwise (Blizzard's talented artist) drew it :)
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