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  • i have already figured out a fishing trigger but haven't implemented it. and right now i don't know if i want to implement anything else cuz of how big this map is getting but i might like the cooking idea. lol pet food.
    Okay I will when I get home doing all this on my fiancée's phone and yeah I was thinking about doing a dog which has one final stage of a wolf and one as a snow wolf.
    I am thinking about having pets in the game that you choose but how the pet will grows changes based on the how you feed it. I will have to create a feeding trigger and multiple growth triggers for each pet. Although pet ideas would be helpful. Each pet will have four stages gaining one ability per stage and the ability increases as the pet levels up.
    Nice. If you want I could quickly make the variables, items and triggers for the ones YOU want.
    right now i just have combining the materials you get from dungeons into items. but my game starts with the chose of a male or female peasant which can be promoted to one of 4, 4 for male and 4 for female. then each class can be promoted to one of two class which each of those can also promote to one of two classes. which means i have to make 58 characters meaning 232 abilities. i have made 10 of them with their abilities. once i get the map and that done i will add in the synthesizing of materials then i might add in other stuff.
    I'm making a role play map, sorry for the late message, its just I don't really focus on this part and cool.

    I'm aiming to have part of the city done and figure out how to use -set name <name goes here> with only one trigger per player...
    what genre is your map going to be? i am making an ORPG and aiming to have it done by next year atmost. it is a really huge project.
    I am making a map and hopefully bring out a beta before my birthday. and HI to all visitors and leave a message :p
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