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  • Sorry I did not reply sooner. And yes, I could test it if you want.
    Also, my Skype details are in my profile.
    Okay, this is the only problem with your terraining, when you use canopy trees, you put them together like normal trees. That's not good, it creates too much doodads, and the editor won't be able to save. Also, it doesn't look good cause the branches and leaves overlap, which doesn't really happen to real trees. So when you put canopy trees, you should put them separately, one by one, so that it looks more realistic, and the trees don't overlap. :)
    Nope, I've only made buildings that have the pathing of a shop. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe the player properties, try removing the alliance triggers.
    That is weird, yes. Apparently I just tried it right now, and it doesn't work, think you have any leads on the crashes?
    Hey there Visitor! If you know any good Cinematographer in WC3 editor,please be kind enough to take the time and PM me their name and/or a way to Contact them :( , thanks... :thup:
    Oh, very easy to trigger actually. You just have to order your dummy unit to cast the base ability it was made from, for simplicity. In other words, you create an ability off storm bolt, you name it Crusher, you change the mana cost to 20, the cooldown to 20 seconds. You just have to add the ability Crusher to your dummy unit, and order it to cast the storm bolt. It's more complicated with the channel ability though, where you can change the base order ID, or something like that.
    Your inbox is full, so I'll post it here.

    First off, thank you for your time, and your idea.
    I just want to request you edit one of your posts, here, and use the template listed in the original post, found here.
    This is just to ensure the ease of reading and consistency in the thread so that anyone reading it can easily browse through.
    Again, thank you for your time, and your idea!
    hey im trying to use the warcraft 3 world editor right now (with a few friends, we are working on entirely remaking all 4 armies) and one of the guys im working on it with wanted to know how you made your blinking strike on your new map. we have been wanting to do that but its not working, and hes been trying to figure it out for about a week and a half already. is there some way you can show us, or help us with it?
    I'm sory, but I can't help you in this moment, got some personal problems XD, I will pm you when I'm free
    dude I'm sorry I ditched the project, I was too "occupied" with Wow, combined with being exhausted by making the classes
    I kinda screwed it up cause I made specific systems for the classes (hope you still using them)
    if you want, I can rejoin the project, I'm really in the mood for some coding
    I could
    the problem is everyone has its own "coding-style" and I'm afraid I wont be able to read it, especially if it is really, really long
    tbh I kinda grow tired of everything... I don't think I'll continue with the project
    sorry dude, but I was never really a mapper, I like making spells once in a while, nothing more
    I only do things for fun, not because I have to
    I haven't heard from that other guy, so it seems that he left as well :/
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  • The Helper The Helper:
    If you are new to the site please check out the Recipe and Food Forum https://www.thehelper.net/forums/recipes-and-food.220/
  • Monovertex Monovertex:
    How come you're so into recipes lately? Never saw this much interest in this topic in the old days of TH.net
  • Monovertex Monovertex:
    Hmm, how do I change my signature?
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Signatures can be edit in your account profile. As for the old stuffs, I'm thinking it's because Blizzard is now under Microsoft, and because of Microsoft Xbox going the way it is, it's dreadful.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I am not big on the recipes I am just promoting them - I use the site as a practice place promoting stuff
  • Monovertex Monovertex:
    @tom_mai78101 I must be blind. If I go on my profile I don't see any area to edit the signature; If I go to account details (settings) I don't see any signature area either.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    You can get there if you click the bell icon (alerts) and choose preferences from the bottom, signature will be in the menu on the left there https://www.thehelper.net/account/preferences
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I think I need to split the Sci/Tech news forum into 2 one for Science and one for Tech but I am hating all the moving of posts I would have to do
  • The Helper The Helper:
    What is up Old Mountain Shadow?
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Happy Thursday!
  • Varine Varine:
    Crazy how much 3d printing has come in the last few years. Sad that it's not as easily modifiable though
  • Varine Varine:
    I bought an Ender 3 during the pandemic and tinkered with it all the time. Just bought a Sovol, not as easy. I'm trying to make it use a different nozzle because I have a fuck ton of Volcanos, and they use what is basically a modified volcano that is just a smidge longer, and almost every part on this thing needs to be redone to make it work
  • Varine Varine:
    Luckily I have a 3d printer for that, I guess. But it's ridiculous. The regular volcanos are 21mm, these Sovol versions are about 23.5mm
  • Varine Varine:
    So, 2.5mm longer. But the thing that measures the bed is about 1.5mm above the nozzle, so if I swap it with a volcano then I'm 1mm behind it. So cool, new bracket to swap that, but THEN the fan shroud to direct air at the part is ALSO going to be .5mm to low, and so I need to redo that, but by doing that it is a little bit off where it should be blowing and it's throwing it at the heating block instead of the part, and fuck man
  • Varine Varine:
    I didn't realize they designed this entire thing to NOT be modded. I would have just got a fucking Bambu if I knew that, the whole point was I could fuck with this. And no one else makes shit for Sovol so I have to go through them, and they have... interesting pricing models. So I have a new extruder altogether that I'm taking apart and going to just design a whole new one to use my nozzles. Dumb design.
  • Varine Varine:
    Can't just buy a new heatblock, you need to get a whole hotend - so block, heater cartridge, thermistor, heatbreak, and nozzle. And they put this fucking paste in there so I can't take the thermistor or cartridge out with any ease, that's 30 dollars. Or you can get the whole extrudor with the direct driver AND that heatblock for like 50, but you still can't get any of it to come apart
  • Varine Varine:
    Partsbuilt has individual parts I found but they're expensive. I think I can get bits swapped around and make this work with generic shit though
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Heard Houston got hit pretty bad by storms last night. Hope all is well with TH.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Power back on finally - all is good here no damage
    Happy Friday!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    New recipe is another summer dessert Berry and Peach Cheesecake - https://www.thehelper.net/threads/recipe-berry-and-peach-cheesecake.194169/

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