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  • well anyway, the most important thing i want to know is the ability spread. in default warcraft the spread is 3 skills with 3 levels and 1 special spell of 1 level. i usually go for 4 or 5 abilities with 5 levels each and no special spell. should i stick with the default melee spread?
    I was sure I left you a message asking for details such as maximum level of heroes, ability-spread, number of abilities and attribute gain. Anything specific for your map. Perhaps attribute gain is as not as big as normal maps. Perhaps in your map 100 damage is alot and normal abilities deal only up to 50 because heroes have lower attributes than standard.
    That's going to be hard, considering there's been quite a few WoW maps before, lol..
    Your spells will most likely have been seen before :p
    Sure, however you have to know that on Monday I'll be leaving on a plane and might not be doing anything much then. However I'm sure that a few hours' delay won't get in the way. So on to the mage. What did you have in mind?
    Hehe. Well no, but I used to read the wiki often. Even tried to make warrior classes with rage and assassins with combos and a bunch of other stuff based on wow.
    just wait till I make the spells, cause technically I didn't do anything yet to be considered part of the team :)
    Havn't been working on it much :p not enough time really :D

    Come on MSN sometime and i'll test it out with you - perhaps that will encourage me to work on it a bit ^^
    Depends what you mean, like, me giving you tutorials? Or helping out with spells, I mean I guess I'd be good with both of those.
    Frankly, yeah you got it right. I don't deal with game cache, and the campaign stuff. Haven't tried yet. Oh and I meant after 24 hours from your last post, not 24 hours from the first post you made.
    You can actually just bump your post to get it on the headlines. It's not double posting if it's after 24 hours.
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