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  • this is about you unit with inventory picking up a tome problem.

    here is the solution for that problem.

    i didn't post this in the thread since it was off topic to what the thread was about, but feel free to edit your post if you like.

    • Melee Initialization
      • Events
        • Unit - A unit Is issued an order targeting an object
      • Conditions
        • (Issued order) Equal to (Order(smart))
        • ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Not equal to True
        • Or - Any (Conditions) are true
          • Conditions
            • (Item-class of (Target item of issued order)) Equal to Powerup
            • (Item-type of (Target item of issued order)) Equal to Tome of Experience
      • Actions
        • Set temppoint = (Position of (Target item of issued order))
        • Unit - Order (Triggering unit) to Move To temppoint
        • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_temppoint)

    just modify it to fit your needs.
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