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  • If I do not read your signature then I cannot be legally bound by it. After all, ignorance of the law is certainly an excuse to break it.
    I was told that if I wanted a signature I was to ask you for one.

    Would this result in a nuclear strike or the FBI chasing me?
    Updated the Extinction image to remove a few layering issues, their small changes, but make the overall piece far more fluid in its composition. You don't need to repost, the image link is the same, so its auto updated. :)
    Hope there is assasin and necromancer. Great gameplay experience with both of them. What is your favorite DII character ?
    me too. I was quite the player back in the day. Almost got me drop out of school.... it was SOOO WORTH IT! Hm.. do you think that DIII will have only 3 characters ?
    Pineapple just got his Apple for another Joke! Assist: No one, cuz' Apple pwn'z all! :p
    1. I assure you if you increase your investments in Fruit transportation, I am sure your portfolio will see huge monthly profits.
    2. You should probably expand your portfolio to invest in guns too; it’s the safest market to put money in right now.
    3. Oh and about you singing opera atop of your roof on a full moon night towards midnight, don't worry about it. It’s just a phase.

    I hope I didn't answer all of your questions, and remember as always, those who have wondered too far from the nation of Canada or celebrate Independence day on the wrong day. You shall have no dealings with.
    You should "borrow" that action-hero-picture of DDRtists', cut it out and put it on a background with a huge explosion (preferably some helicopters in there, too.)
    Only you can do it justice!
    Well, when you're done, send it to me and I'll post the poll :p.

    Meanwhile, I think I'll go on with Armed's duel.
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