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  • i can make the skeleton warriors but idk how to make the Cursed night affects only them
    And make 1 spell to summon 4 skeleton warriors ( 500 hp each and 30 damage ) only 1 level
    Unholy Summoning
    -Target Friendly/self owned undead summons
    By sacrifice 10% of his maximum hp and 1 of his minions, the necromancer can summon a mighty demon form the dephs of hell.

    Diabolic Chains
    -Target enemies in area
    By linking his mind to a group of enemies, the necromancer will regain mana each time he, or his minions deals damage to them.He will regain 20 mana per attack

    Cursed night
    -No target, instant
    [Passive effect: Incress all summons movement speed and attack speed with 20% at night.]
    With the unholy pact with the great demon lords of hell, the necromancer have the demand to put out the light of the sun, by summoning the devil himself to hold of the light.
    tell me if u will.So i will give some more info about them about their stats
    I tryed to give you rep too before you give me, but it sayed and still says now this message : You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to polo2005 again.
    dude lol you F up your profile page :D the tabns are horrible, even though the effects are cool :p
    np, not realy needed useless you realy want to :p ... rep is more like an exra you gain for reciving help. if oyu want you can have your 2 points back when i can rep you again, since i got 2 points rep i tihnk that wil lgive you 2 +rep
    The guy wanted to help him, give him some suggestions about his map not to tell him ''your map will be ruined,you are noob and people will not player your map so better dont create it''
    Didnt you see i said sry to him after the little flaming or it doesnt matter ?
    You dont really need to protect this mapguy that have more than -10 reps,There is reason to have that reps.I saw him breaking rules many times !
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