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  • ok i will +rep you twice to compensate for the two times i -rep'ed you, but lets be honest, youre a decently smart person, you dont normally type the way you did in that post. i can tell because i looked at your other threads. i dont know why you would want to type that way since in my opinion it makes the person seem less intelligent. i am sorry for treating you in a way that seemed unfair but for future reference i will probably still -rep people for typing that way because in my eyes its a form of trolling.
    could you show me which post you are talking about?
    i honestly dont remember
    if it is just me being an asshole then i will +rep you twice to make up for it
    and i will apologize of course.
    "don't type good doesn't means that he/she deserves a -1 reputation -.-''
    wtf does this mean?
    it doesnt have anything to do with the question i asked about my altgr key.
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