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    Technology Chinese police spot suspects with surveillance sunglasses

    This is the most cyberpunk shit I've read all day.
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    Gaming Warcraft III has a new Public Test Realm

    But is the map editor updated? :D
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    Sci/Tech Gatebox, virtual home robot, launched in Japan and the US

    I think they're aiming for the emotional reciprocity.
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    Sci/Tech How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

    As an active web dev, I can say while this accurately portrays a good bit of what's going on, part of the issue is people looking around and getting overwhelmed. Just grab what you need, carve out an app, and do it better next time. Learning is incremental.
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    Sci/Tech Samsung announces a massive 256GB microSD card

    My SSD, now in microSD format...
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    Gaming Project M has ceased development

    Sorry to see it die! While I was not an active player I definitely loved PM, and appreciated what those devs did.
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    Report Slicing off a bug's penis is bad for reproduction, study concludes

    Eureka! This is why my ladybugs aren't breeding!
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    Sci/Tech Predatory cockroach from dinosaur era found trapped in amber

    BURN IT WITH FIRE! Oh dear lord please kill it.
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    General Billionaire Richard Branson Wants Everyone to Have Unlimited Vacation

    Give me a job I love and this would work out excellently.
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    Whats your Speedtest connection?

    Holy fuck what do you pay!?
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    Whats your Speedtest connection?

    This is what I got at work. :)